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Halcyon 2.3.0 - Polls are coming to Mastodon

I long time has passed since the last big step was announced for Halcyon.
In the meantime we did some smaller changes and mainly bugfixes.
A few days ago Mastodon released version 2.8.0 which finally had support for polls which where announced some weeks before.
We first planned to release Halcyon 2.3.0 with poll support a few days before Mastodons 2.8.0 release so that you can start using polls in Halcyon without having to wait.
Unfortunately that didn't completely work but we released it yesterday,only 5 days after Mastodon got that feature.
Polls are fully supported in Halcyon: You can create them,vote on them and see their results.
Additionally Halcyon supports multiple choice polls which are supported by the Mastodon API but can't be created using Mastodons own webclient.
Polls are a good addition to the Fediverse as they allow you to easily collect the opinion of others and they stay anonymous and don't have to type something.
We expect them to be heavily used as soon as most instances have upgraded to Mastodon 2.8.0 so it was important to us that they're available fast.
Polls are great but other things have happened too since our last blog post.
Another big step is our new Website at which was published a few weeks ago.
We had to wait with this until this domain was available again and had only our NotABug repository and our Mastodon account for information before.
The new website should be easier to use and more beautiful than our old NotABug wiki pages.
We also created a completely new instance list which is easier to maintain and looks better.
You can now add your instance yourself but please only add Halcyon instances.
We often get new entries of Mastodon instances in the Halcyon instance list.
That really doesn't make any sense and it's much work to remove all the spam,please stop that!.
New languages have also come to Halcyon what is always great because it makes Halcyon more useful for people around the world.
Thank you all very much for your help with the translations.
Since the last bigger release Czech and French have been added and many others have been improved.
Other changed in the meantime were mainly bugfixes and some smaller features.
We won't list them all here again as you can see them detailed in the release notes of the previous releases.
If you want to help translating,you can do this for the current release here at our Zanata page.
If you want to give any feedback or report bugs,you can do that in the comments,at our Mastodon profile or in the NotABug Issues.
16.4.19 13:24
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